Doodle Trunk Shows

Schedule a Trunk Show at your Shop!

Spice up your space with a burst of creative energy by hosting a Pop-Up Trunk Show featuring the famous modular colorwork motifs – the Doodle Cards! These captivating decks encourage your customers to unleash their inner designers, playing with colors and patterns to craft one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Let's transform your store into a dynamic hub where knitters can explore the art of design, creating personalized projects that reflect their unique style. Elevate the experience for your community with Doodle Cards – the ultimate playdate for yarn enthusiasts!

Contact me today to inquire about a Doodle Trunk Show in your shop! 🎨

Note that I currently have limited availability outside of the PNW due to having a younger kids that need me home on the weekends! However, I'm more than happy to schedule a Virtual Trunk Show for existing wholesale shops. 

Trunk Show FAQs

What is your Trunk Show availability?

Please contact me for my current availability.

Note that at this time, I typically do not travel much outside of the PNW for in-person trunk shows, and my schedule is usually booked out 4-6 months.

Do you do Virtual Trunk Shows?

Yes! I do offer limited virtual trunk shows for existing wholesale customers only.

Virtual Trunk Shows consist of me shipping out a set number of Doodle Decks to the shop for a limited duration (usually about a week).

The LYS is responsible for promoting the Trunk Show and tracking sales. Upon completion of the show, the remaining decks will be shipped back to me and I will invoice the LYS for the products sold.