About Me

Many knitters want to dive into the world of pattern design but don't know where to start.

When I first started knitting - this was me.

So I went to Google and YouTube to learn some more advanced skills, practiced on a lot of other peoples’ patterns (adjusting or altering them), and eventually, began to design patterns myself, incorporating the tricks and tools that I had found most useful to me.

Today, I design an ever-expanding library of modular colorwork patterns that provide style options, clear tutorials, basic math formulas, and built-in modifications, so you can create exactly what you want, every time. Whether you want to knit a copy of the sample or design something completely unique, you will now have the guide to do either!

My colorwork designs focus on fun and whimsical micro motifs (i.e. Doodles) that allow the knitter to choose the motifs, the order, and the colors that best suit their style. By enabling all the possibilities, it really starts to feel like you’re “doodling with yarn” - which is actually where the term Doodle came from for these patterns. This constant shift between easy-to-memorize motifs keeps a knitter on their toes, while supplying them with micro wins at each chart completion, creating a project that is impossible to put down. 

It’s truly a “potato chip project,” or one where you just need to knit one more row. 

All you have to do to design your own Doodle project is:

  1. Choose the pattern (cowls, hats, socks, etc.)
  2. Build your options for charts and colors (within a structure)
  3. Follow the instructions to knit

The best part is that every one of my Doodle series colorwork patterns is designed to work together, so it really is "endless customization" - literally. 

You’ll never get bored because it’s different every time! I guarantee that once you try it, you won't be able to put it down, and it is going to be the most fun you’ve ever had knitting. So let's do this!

Jamie Lomax

Owner and Designer of Pacific Knit Co.